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The Advisor Storyteller produces custom videos designed to build trust and establish a personal connection with potential clients. These videos leave a lasting impression and create a sense of comfort and relatability with the viewer. 

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Watch an industry-leading advisor explain how stories have helped him grow his business and establish new relationships.

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The power and emotion evoked by video establishes an immediate connection.
Marc Rice, Advisor Storyteller

I have always believed that every business and every individual has a unique story to tell. And if it’s told well, that story can establish a powerful connection with the audience that builds trust and confidence like no other medium can. A good story connects you to the viewer and creates a sense of relatability and interest that often leads to new relationships.

I started producing stories for advisors in the financial services industry back in 2011, and since that time, I’ve heard from many clients about how impactful these videos have been in helping build new relationships.

Marc Rice

The Advisor Storyteller

Vertex box

“Fantastic job. The video looks incredible. That's the best video experience I've been apart of.”

Ross M.
South Carolina Advisor
Schultz box

"I want to thank you for making our initial foray into video production land so easy...Your relaxed, professional attitude, and the amazingly polished product you finished so quickly, have greatly increased our confidence going forward.”

Kristor L.
asset guidance group llc

"Marc and his team are the professionals you want to tell your professional story. Marc is timely, creative, thorough and delivers quality branding. Marc delivers quality product that is priced right. Quality is paramount in this branding technique and especially for this market niche. Marc understands financial advisors and the message required because he has experienced working with hundreds of them. Marc and his team have it down to a science--with the right amount of artistic overlay to make the end product brand unique for each firm/advisor! Most importantly, Marc does what he says he'll do when he says he'll do it.”

Asset Guidance Group, LLC
Private Vista Box

“Thank you for everything. I am completely in AWE that you created this in only one day.”

Nicole Y.
Illinois Advisor

"Marc is truly spectacular! Through simple conversation he grasps your entire story, from it's beginning, through your journey, to where you are today and where you're going. I felt it was simply a conversation. He pulls that together and it tells a story that I could not have done without his help. Going further, his knowledge of filming, lighting, expressions etc is truly priceless. If you're considering telling your story, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better than Marc and Advisor Storyteller.”

Phillip R.
Florida Advisor
Parsec box

“Wow! Simply Wow! We are blown away by the quality and by how quickly you turned that around!”

Tracy C.
North Carolina Advisor

“It was an absolutely incredible experience to work with you… The videos came out way better than I could have ever imagined! Wow!”

Jeffrey G.

“Tears. You’re a master artist and storyteller.”

Laura L.

“I love it. You really helped us put a story to our brand, which is fun to both watch and feel.”

Morgan R.

"Wow!! You captured the essence of our firm beautifully Marc! Love the storyline and messaging! You nailed it”

Andrea R.

"Wow! Just wow! The video is absolutely perfect. Perfect. You always execute. Thank you so much!”

Robert S.
Marc drone 2
A Wealth of Industry Knowledge Built Over a Decade+

Why it matters

We understand how busy advisors are. In fact, the advisors we know don’t actually have time in their schedules to plan and accommodate a major video production. Too complicated! 

That is why we’ve developed a process that is simple and easy! 

That’s our promise.

Erase in your mind what you think a top-notch video project will require from you and your team, and trust the know-how and experience from a producer who’s made a career of efficiently telling the stories of successful  financial advisors all across America.

Give us 45 minutes for a discovery call, one day for a production shoot, and we’ll give you a powerful video story just 24 hours later.


If you’re interested, click below to schedule a free call.  


Convert Viewers Into Trusting Clients

Financial Services is one of those industries that require a level of trust before prospects feel comfortable taking the first step to schedule that an appointment. 

The truth is, most people feel nervous when they talk about their finances. That is why breaking down that wall is so important. So how do you do it? The best way to build trust with is to make yourself relatable and easy-to-approach. That is exactly what our videos do. 

By leveraging the art of storytelling, the video allows the advisor to share personal anecdotes, experiences, and successes that help the viewer to immediately relate. By showcasing the advisor’s journey and the challenges they have overcome, the advisor builds credibility and instills confidence in his/her abilities. This often leads to opportunities for new relationships.

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Prospects are 13x MORE LIKELY to remember you after learning your story.

Did you know that people who share a story are THIRTEEN TIMES more likely to be remembered in a conversation than people who do not? Why is that? Its because we are wired to appreciate and remember the impact of a story. The details stick with us because they’re easy understand and we often relate. 

The truth is, storytelling videos in the financial services niche play a crucial role in improving conversion rates and accelerating business growth. 

The Process is EASY

Our simple 3-step process was designed for busy advisors like you!

  1. ONE Discovery Call

Click below to book your discovery call with our producer, Marc Rice. This call is necessary to learn about your story, how your business works, and what type of clients you work with. From there, we’ll discuss dates and also share an outline of how we plan to bring your story to life in video.

phone call w: marc rice
2. ONE Production Shoot

Our producer will organize a one-day production shoot at the location of your choice. The production shoot will be built around the audio and visual needs of your unique story. This will include a sit-down documentary-style interview, and lots of high-quality footage of you and your team in action. Also, be prepared to visit multiple locations. Its only one day, but we accomplish a lot!


advisor video shoot
3. ONE Day Delivery!


After the shoot is finished, our producer immediately begins building your story, selecting music, creating high quality motion graphics, and everything else needed to create a finished video that will leave a lasting impression with your audience. Within 24 hours, you will have your custom video in-hand.


NEXT DAY Delivery!


This is the full-length version of your story. The video includes your video story with motion graphic titles and logo animation.


This video is a shortened version of your full-length story that cn be used across multiple platforms such as



We also delivery 10+ web-resolution images for your use online. Images are small and shareable at 72dpi.




3 Payments of $2,975

Includes travel expenses and 3-night local stay.

Pricing is valid only for Continental US. Additional fees apply for travel to Canada, HI, AK.

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